Meet Noah

Noah aims to bring discreet, affordable and convenient healthcare to all men. Through our platform, we seek to eliminate typical pain points from men’s healthcare experience.

How we began

Founded in 2020, Noah was the first men’s telehealth platform in Singapore — paving the way for an easier, more affordable alternative to traditional healthcare. We have since grown to be the largest in the country, with over 30,000 men on the platform.

“We’re transforming the landscape, enabling access to quality, affordable treatment — and Hong Kong is our next step in making healthcare more accessible to men in Asia.”

Sean Low

Our Medical Advisors

All our treatment options have been designed and verified by leading medical experts on men’s healthcare, while the doctors we connect you to on our platform are all licensed and certified by the MCHK. 

Dr Peter Lim 5
Dr Peter Lim
Founding President, Society for Men's Health Singapore
Dr David Loh 4
Dr David Loh
President, Society of Aesthetic Medicine (Singapore)