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Reach out when you need, and book an appointment at a time convenient for you.


Eliminate commute and wait time of an in-person session and have your session at home.

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Receive personalised high quality care at no extra cost with our flat fee rates.

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Connecting with a licensed therapist can help guide you to:
Gain clarity on your situation
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Learn to be more in tune with your emotions
Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries.
Take charge of your overall well-being
Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries.
Improve your skillset for living your life
Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries.

Frequently Asked

Is online therapy effective?

According to a study, online therapy sessions were found to be 80% as or more effective than traditional in-person therapy and counselling. Online therapy is not much different from in-person sessions, the therapist will still speak to you, this time via video call.

This makes it not only more convenient for you, but also allows for greater flexibility in scheduling a session – as you do not need to spend time commuting or waiting.

Who should seek therapy?

There are many possible reasons for a person to seek therapy, but no matter what reason it is, it takes a courageous person to make that first step in wanting to be healthier.

Some turn to therapy because they are feeling down, anxious or overwhelmed. A life-defining situation, such as a death, divorce, new work environment or even new family members, may be cause for a session.

If you currently feel like your problems aren’t going away despite your best efforts, or if you have trouble concentrating on work, are filled with constant worry or sense of helplessness, if you have trouble sleeping or staying awake, or if you turn to substance or alcohol abuse resulting in a change of mood and harming others around you, you may want to consider exploring therapy.

Ultimately, you decide if you want to proceed with an introductory therapy session. Simply complete a personalised mental health evaluation here.

How long is each therapy session?

At Noah, we charge a flat fee of $90 for a 45-minute session.

How many sessions do I need to go for? Is it forever!?

Forever is a pretty long time. The number of sessions you attend really depends on the personal issues you are addressing and the goals that you want to set for yourself.

The recommended number of sessions is 6 to 12, with a frequency of once a week. However, it is best to speak with your therapist and come up with a schedule tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

There is no hard and fast rule for reaching your goals. Just remember to keep communication open with your therapist, even if it means needing to change to a better suited therapist for your situation.

What are some risks of therapy?

Sometimes things may seem worse before they get better. During your first few sessions, you may have to dig deep into emotions you may not have even realised were there. Exploring this side of you may be uncomfortable, or even scary, but it is a completely normal part of the process.

Experiencing difficult emotions is a good sign that you’re gaining access to information within yourself. Your therapist is there to guide you towards your goals, and to ensure you are not overwhelmed by your feelings. With enough effort and work put into therapy, those difficult emotions may not pop up as often.

Are your therapists legit?

Yes. All the therapists we work with are licensed and registered with either the Hong Kong Doctor of Clinical Psychology Association (HKADCP), Australian Psychological Association (PsyBA) or New Zealand Psychological Association (NZBA) and have been carefully vetted and trained to meet important healthcare requirements.  

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