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Fresh: intimate wipes that keep your jewels fresh
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in 3 ways
Aloe vera plant
Moisturises Skin
Aloe vera contains humectants, which binds moisture into the skin, and has cohesive effects to support restoration of your skin moisture barrier.
Cool Sensation
Menthol is used as a natural, hypoallergenic ingredient for a fresh cooling sensation. It is also proven to be an analgesic to soothe irritation or inflamation.
Menthol plant
PH balance
Restores pH Balance
Castor oil has powerful emollient, antimicrobial properties and helps restore the skin's pH balance, resulting in smooth, nourished skin.
Carefully crafted to meet men’s specific hygiene needs, our FRESH intimate wipes are designed to reduce bacteria and leave you feeling fresher than ever.

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feeling Fresh
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Reduces itching
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Cool & fresh in

open the packet
wipe the area you’re cleansing thoroughly
dispose of the wipe after use
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have questions?

Can FRESH initimate wipes be used daily?

Yes, they’re designed for daily use.

Do FRESH initimate wipes reduce odour?

Yes, FRESH intimate wipes contain Aloe Vera and Menthol to cleanse AND deodorise.

Are FRESH initimate wipes harsh on the skin?

FRESH intimate wipes have contain carefully formulated ingredients designed to be gentle on skin. But as with all skin care products, we recommend you do a patch test before use.

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